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Epochalips Interview with Christina Zeidler, John Mitchell, and Diane Flacks

January 25, 2016/News/0 Comments

Epochalips says:

“…maybe you’ll have cramps from laughing, but you won’t be sorry you did.”

Epochalips Interview

Dawn Whitwell and Vanessa Dunn Interview with CP24

January 25, 2016/News/0 Comments Check out POASM's Dawn Whitwell and Vanessa Dunn's interview on CP24 this morning!

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Universal Complications of Modern-Day Relationships

January 22, 2016/News/0 Comments

Planet London says:

“This film is certainly not just another coming out story as we are used to seeing in LGBT cinema; although it is set within a queer community, the story tackles issues that are relatable regardless of your gender identity or sexuality. This film is accessible to any adult who has experienced the all too familiar fear of being alone. It confronts the distant inner yearning we have to compete ourselves and fulfil some sort of void within us by filling that space with a relationship, and trying to fix ourselves by fixing others.”

4/5 Stars

Planet London Review

The Dos – and Don’ts – of Lesbian Relationships

January 22, 2016/News/0 Comments

BFI Film Forever says:

“A whip-smart comedy charting the dos – and don’ts – of lesbian relationships.”

BFI Film Forever Review

Influenced by the Great RomComs

January 22, 2016/News/0 Comments

Lesbiatopia says:

“This film is influenced by such greats like Annie Hall, Manhattan and High Fidelity.”

Lesbiatopia Review

A Coming of (Middle) Age Story

January 22, 2016/News/0 Comments

Tweetable Logline:

When it comes to relationships everyone’s an expert and everyone is full of s**t. A lesbian romantic comedy about coming of middle age.

Indiewire Review

Progressive Pulse Review

January 21, 2016/News/0 Comments

Progressive Pulse says:

” The old joke about lesbians bringing a U-Haul on their second date because they’re ready to move in is put to the test in a creative and fun way in the movie “Portrait of a Serial Monogamist.”

Progressive Pulse Review

Terra’s Independent Voice Review

January 21, 2016/News/0 Comments

Terra’s Independent Voice says:

“…the fourth wall is taken down and Elsie talks right to you. She does some explaining of what is going on in her life. This is something that other films should do instead of just leave viewers hanging without knowing exactly what happened. Bravo for that!”

Terra’s Independent Voice Review

New Trailer Up on IndieWire!

November 30, 2015/News/0 Comments

IndieWire says:

“An honest look at the predicaments that serial daters find themselves in, “Portrait of a Serial Monogamist” will be released on January 29 in Los Angeles theaters and on DVD and across all digital platforms including iTunes, Vimeo On Demand and, on February 2.”

IndieWire Article