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Edge Media Network Review

February 9, 2016/News/0 Comments

Edge Media Network says:

“…Toronto’s sprawling, riotous glory is the backdrop to an incisive peek into one woman’s lively fumbling through a six month period where she questions the way she handles all of her relationships, not just the romantic ones.”

Edge Media Network Review

Lesbians getting laid

February 9, 2016/News/0 Comments

Daily Xtra says:

“The result is not only a delightfully well-crafted lesbian rom-com but a potential queer film classic.”

Daily Xtra review

Portrait of a Serial Monogamist a love letter to Toronto

February 9, 2016/News/0 Comments

Dandy Blog says:

“It’s refreshing to see a movie filmed here that shows Toronto as itself. “Portrait” (or POASM) is unabashed in it’s love of Toronto…”

Dandy Blog review Review & Interview with Christina Zeidler, John Mitchell, & Diane Flacks

February 5, 2016/News/0 Comments Interview and ReviewFrancesca Lewis says:

“Portrait of a Serial Monogamist is a witty, cool and very human story – the story of one woman’s struggle to know herself, told in her own words. And we really do not see enough of that.”

Full Interview and Review