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Autostraddle Review

October 20, 2015/News/0 Comments

Autostraddle says:

“This movie! I wish it were a TV show! I wish this is what The L Word had been!”

Autostraddle Review

Examiner Review

June 13, 2015/News/0 Comments

Examiner says:

“The film has many funny scenes that keeps your interest from beginning to end including classic moments at a cat’s funeral.”

Examiner Review

MovieMovesMe Review

May 23, 2015/News/0 Comments

MovieMovesMe says:

“Portrait of a Serial Monogamist is a surprisingly clever, moving film, which invites the viewer to the world of complicated and uncertain relationships.”

MovieMovesMe Review

Now Magazine Review

May 20, 2015/News/0 Comments

Now Magazine says:

“It’s a slack comedy, but occasional flashes of excellent dialogue feel like they could actually come out of a real person’s mouth, and newcomer Vanessa Dunn of Vag Halen is a bona fide discovery as the DJ hotly pursuing newly single Elsie.”

Now Magazine review